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Signing up for a free trial

Try Google Cloud Platform for free with the Free Trial and Free Tier

Posted on 2 mins read

Some of you might be celebrating Christmas today, it’s a great moment to give away presents to your loved ones. My present to those not acquainted with Google Cloud Platform yet is this tip about… the GCP Free Trial!

Well, actually, there are two aspects I’d like to cover:

  • the Free Trial itself, as well as
  • the Always Free formula.

Free Trial

With the Free Trial, when you register on Google Cloud Platform, you get a credit of $300 for 12 months.

So you have plenty of time, and enough credits, to try the various products and services offered by the platform.

Always Free Formula

In addition to those credits, various products and services actually offer a free quota, which allows you to run them forever, as long as you stay below those quota levels.

For example, for free, you can:

  • run App Engine apps with Datastore (28 frontend instace hours per day, 5GB of Cloud Storage, 1GB of Datastore space…)
  • run a f1-micro Compute Engine instance for free for a month
  • send 1GB a month of messages on Cloud Pub/Sub
  • invoke 2 million Cloud Functions a month
  • run 1TB of BigQuery queries a month, and store 10GB of data
  • and more…

More information

Learn more about the Free Trial and Free Tier.

And have a look at this Cloud Minute video about signing up for the Free Trial:

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